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WoW players are stacking one class and one-shotting Aberrus bosses

Everybody was kung fu fighting!

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World of Warcraft players are rather creative and always find ways to bend rules. While most players are struggling to take down Scalecommander Sarkareth, other guilds are stacking one class and one-shotting the bosses in Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible. 

On July 2, reports and videos of players stacking Windwalker Monks and one-shotting bosses in Aberrus started to circulate. 

The trick here is to bring as many Windwalker Monks in tier sets as you can and just let them have their fun with the boss. Soon after combat starts, Monks will start proccing their Dragonfligtht season two set passives. But, the four-piece bonus that “deals 30 percent increased damage to the primary target and increases Shadowflame Nova damage you deal to all targets hit by 50 percent for 15 seconds” doesn’t only apply to your damage but all incoming damage from Windwalker Monks and it multiplies.

So, only a minute or two in combat, one chosen Windwalker Monk will nuke the boss and the fight will be over before you know it. 

When will the Windwalker Monk’s tier set be fixed in WoW Dragonflight?

This bug was already reported to Blizzard. Image via Blizzard Entertainment

According to players from WoW’s subreddit on June 2, this bug has been reported to Blizzard Entertainment “multiple times in multiple ways for many weeks,” and it still persisted. The bug was first discovered during the Patch 10.1 PTR testing, but the devs didn’t fix it. 

Players have reported this bug has been fixed. Screenshot by Jaba01

Although there’s no official news from Blizzard, the community is claiming the interaction between the Shadowflame Vulnerability debuff and Windwalker Monks has been shadow hotfixed. 

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