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WoW Dragonflight Patch 10.1.5: Augmentation Evoker release date, abilities, and more

Bend time and reality to boost the power of your allies.

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In WoW Dragonflight Patch 10.1.5, a new specialization is being added for Evokers—Augmentation. WoWs newest class was originally launched with just two specializations, but a third option is being added halfway through the expansion. 

As WoWs story continues to develop around the Black and Bronze Dragonflights, a specialization that draws upon their powers makes almost too much sense. Augmentation Evokers will thematically fit those two flights, as their abilities will revolve around the power of the Earth, as well as the ability to shift time itself. Augmentation Evokers will use their abilities to provide boosts to their teammates, as they’ll act as a supportive class that uses buffs, stimulants, and crowd control to help their teammates reach their maximum potential. 

The addition of Augmentation Evoker will mark the first time Blizzard has added a new spec to an existing class since Guardian Druids were added to the game in 2012, and is easily the biggest overhaul a class has received in terms of new options and playstyles since Survival Hunters were completely reworked in 2016. 

Here’s everything we know about the upcoming spec, including elements of their playstyle, as well as a potential release date. 

When will Augmentation Evokers release? 

Augmentation Evokers will be released alongside the launch of Patch 10.1.5, Fractures in Time. The patch will release on July 11 for NA and July 12 for the EMEA region after the weekly maintenance. Normally, the weekly maintenance is extended by a couple of hours whenever a new patch is rolling out.

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What role will Augmentation Evokers play? 

Augmentation Evoker is the third Evoker spec. Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Augmentation Evokers will be classified as a DPS spec, although their playstyle should be reminiscent of a typical “support” class in other RPGs. Augmentation will still feature the core abilities of Evokers, including Hover, Living Flame, and Deep Breath, among others, although spells, passives, and talents from the Augmentation tree will provide Evoker players with an even newer way to play the already-extremely-fresh class. So, besides dealing damage and topping the DPS charts, Augmentation Evokers will have to empower their allies. While some abilities can be directly cast onto your allies, some will be tied to specific abilities.

Augmentation Evoker sample abilities

Augmentation Evokers are all about increasing your group’s healing and damage output. Here are some of the abilities and talents that were revealed alongside the announcement of Augmentation Evokers earlier this week. 

Ebon Might

1.5-second cast, 30-second cooldown. Increase your four nearest allies’ primary stat by a percentage of your own, and cause your Eruption to deal more damage for 10 seconds. Some of your other spells extend the duration of these effects.


Two-second cast. Costs three Essence. Replaces Disintegrate. Cause a violent eruption beneath an enemy’s feet, dealing Volcanic damage split between them and nearby enemies. Increases the duration of your active Ebon Might effects.


2.5-second empower, 40-second cooldown. Gather earthen power beneath your enemy’s feet and send them hurtling upwards, dealing Volcanic damage to them and nearby enemies. Empowering expands the area of effect. Increases the duration of your active Ebon Might effects.

Breath of Eons

1.5 minute cooldown. Replaces Deep Breath. Fly to the targeted location, exposing Temporal Wounds on enemies in your path for 10 sec. Temporal Wounds accumulate a portion of damage dealt by your allies, and then critically strike the enemy for that amount at the end of the duration. Increases the duration of your active Ebon Might effects.

Augmentation Evoker sample talents

Augmentation Evokers will have two talent trees—class and specialization talent trees. Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Draconic Attunements (passive)

Learn to attune yourself to the essence of the Black or Bronze dragonflights: Black Attunement grants you and your four nearest allies increased maximum health. Bronze Attunement grants you and your four nearest allies increased movement speed.

Blistering Scales

Protect an ally with explosive dragonscales, increasing their Armor by a percentage of your own. Melee attacks against them cause a scale to explode, dealing Volcanic damage to enemies near them.

Bestow Weyrnstone

Conjure a pair of Weyrnstones, one for your target ally and one for yourself. A Weyrnstone can be activated by the bearer to transport them to the other Weyrnstone’s location if they are within 100 yds.

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