Where to use the Caretaker’s House key in DMZ

Small building with good loot.

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In Call of Duty DMZ, players will come across keys that they’ll need to unlock restricted buildings. The Caretaker’s House is one of the restricted buildings you’ll find while exploring the southwestern region of the Al Mazrah map. This is a small building with several AI combatants patrolling the area. Players who have the Caretaker’s House key can visit this location to collect loot and other valuables from inside. 

Of course, you’ll need to know the exact location of the Caretaker’s House itself in order to use said key. If you’ve found the Caretaker’s House in your latest DMZ deployment but are unsure of where to use it, we have you covered.

Where to use the Caretaker’s House key in DMZ: Exact location

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The Caretakers House is located at the Al Samman Cemetery POI near the southwestern side of the Al Mazrah map. Check the tac-map and look for the D7 sector for this POI. This area looks distinct from others as players come across a graveyard, heavily guarded by AI combatants. Check the yellow circle on the map image above to see the exact location of the Caretaker’s House at Al Samman Cemetery. 

Tips for using the Caretaker’s House key in DMZ

If you have a key for the Caretaker’s House, equip it in the backpack from the loadout section before matchmaking. After spawning on the map, check the tac map and mark the location for your team. If your team spawns far from this area, then it’s best to take a vehicle. We recommend finding a helicopter as it’s the quickest way to travel around the massive Al Mazrah map. 

Once you have reached the POI, move to a vantage point and start eliminating all AI combatants. Players will notice that additional reinforcements get called in, and it is ideal to clear the area first. These AI combatants have good weapons and throw grenades, which is why it’s best to eliminate them before unlocking the Caretaker’s House. Stand in front of the door at the Caretaker’s House and use the key to unlock it. 

Inside the Caretaker’s House, you’ll find a few caches, some cash, and other valuable items. Players will also find a first-aid kit cabinet at the Caretaker’s House. You can find stims and self-revives in these medical cabinets, so make sure to check before leaving. After looting, leave the area and visit an extraction point to exfiltrate all the items. 

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