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Where to find all Daedalian keys and House Tokens in Hogwarts Legacy

Open your house chest.

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Hogwarts Legacy has a variety of hidden or locked items that can reward players with either extremely unique and rare cosmetic pieces or powerful items. Each house in Hogwarts Legacy has its very own House Chest, but it can only be opened by collecting all 16 Daedalian keys and using them to collect House Tokens.

Here’s everything you need to know in order to find the Daedalian keys and their corresponding House Tokens in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to start the Daedalian keys quest in Hogwarts Legacy

These Daedalian keys are scattered throughout the various wings of Hogwarts and can be incredibly difficult to find if you do not have any direction. Before starting your journey to find all 16 House Tokens, players must progress far enough in the main story to learn the Alohomora spell, which allows players to unlock doors. Players will then need to speak with Nellie Oggspire after completing ‘Welcome to Hogsmead,’ as keys will only spawn on the map after this quest.

How to use the Daedalian keys to find House Tokens

From here, players can search after the 16 Daedalian keys. Once a key is found, cast Revelio to reveal the key and follow the item until it reaches a cabinet. After the cabinet opens, players will be given a House Token that will eventually be used to open the House Chest and claim the unique robe at the end of their journey.

All Daedalian key & House Token locations in Hogwarts Legacy

The Great Hall Daedalian Keys Key 1 – Go to The Great Hall and walk out of the wooden doors to the entrance. The cabinet will be down the next flight of stairs to your right. Key 2 – The next house cabinet in The Great Hall can be found opposite of the fireplace, up the stairs. Key 3 – Go to the doors which lead outside of The Great Hall and head downstairs until you see a serpent statue. Cast Revelio and walk back with the key until it reaches the bottom of the stairs.

Great Hall Fireplace Key

Faculty Tower Daedalian Keys Key 1 – Go to the Faculty Tower’s fast-travel location and follow the stairs until you reach a room with balloons. Go back down the stairs with the key and unlock the cabinet hidden behind the staircase. Key 2 -Walk to the top of the stairs in the Faculty Tower and stop whenever you see a hallway filled with magic paintings. The key will be found at the end of the hallway and lead players to a cabinet beside a bronze statue. Central Hall Daedalian Keys Key 1 – Go down the stairs of the Central Hall and turn right near the unicorn statue. Move down the stairs and turn left to spot the key with Revelio. Key 2 – Go up the stairs in the Central Hall and check behind a smaller staircase to the right to find the next key. Map Chamber Daedalian Keys Key 1 – Head up the spiral staircase into the hallway with stacked cauldrons. The key will lead players into a room with barrels. Key 2 – The key will be found in the room with a sleeping dragon statue. Astronomy Tower Daedalian Key Go to the Astronomy Tower and take the wooden stairs until you see the Astronomy room. Cast Revelio and follow the key to the cabinet inside the Astronomy rooms.

Defense Against the Dark Arts Key Location

Defense Against the Dark Arts Daedalian Key Walk to the Defense Against the Dark Arts tower and go up the stairs near the skeleton and globe. The cabinet will be found across a group of students. Potions Class Daedalian Key Travel to the potions classroom and walk through a set of wooden doors. Use the staircase to your left to find the cabinet. Library Daedalian Key Go to the Library and turn right near the fireplace. The key will lead players to the opposite side of the room. Grand Staircase Daedalian Key Go down the magical staircase and stop when you see the key beside the portrait of a thinking woman. Following the key downstairs until it unlocks the next cabinet. Clock Tower Courtyard Daedalian Key Players will need to use Alohomora to unlock the locked door in the Clock Tower Courtyard. After this, use the stairs until you spot the key in the corner of the room. Follow the key upstairs until it reaches the cabinet. Bell Tower Daedalian Key Venture to the Bell Tower Courtyard and walk up the nearest flight of stairs to open a wooden door. The key can be found floating between two pillars.

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