What is Passability in Diablo 3? Explained

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There are many attributes, buffs, and skills in the Diablo franchise. Though players will gain Passability from time to time while playing Diablo 3, the buff generally comes under the spotlight in Altar of Rites.

During the Altar of Rites, players are required to “Gain Passability” to proceed, and getting asked on the spot might turn the whole thing into an impossible mission. While it may seem complicated, there is a relatively easy way to gain Passability in Diablo 3, and it all revolves around a single item.

What does Passability mean in Diablo 3?

Passability is an ability that allows players to move through mobs, walls, and other obstacles in Diablo 3. It’s generally favored by players who like to save time and skip through certain areas of a dungeon or the map.

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How to gain Passability in Diablo 3

Players can gain Passability by equipping Illusory Boots in Diablo 3. These boots are of Legendary quality and they can be found in Act two and Act four Horadric Caches.

If you’re looking to get a pair of Illusory Boots in Diablo 3, we recommend completing Act two and Act four bounties—and you should get one soon enough.

Upon gaining Passability, Diablo 3 players will be able to walk through all kinds of monsters and the walls that elites might put up. If you’re looking to move around the map faster than normal, these boots can give you the mobility you need when combined with spells like Teleport.

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