What is Flashpoint in Overwatch 2?

This won’t feel too foreign to most players.

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Overwatch 2 is set to receive its newest standard game mode since Blizzard introduced Push with the sequel’s launch last fall, and the new mode—Flashpoint—will have some concepts many players are already extremely familiar with.

The new game mode is set to release in August with the start of Overwatch season six, and it will include the addition of two new maps: New Junk City and Suravasa. Upon entering the new locations, players will quickly realize these maps are a little bit larger than your typical map, and for good reason.

Similar to a control point map, Flashpoint will have teams fight for control of a location on the map, but there’s a catch. Players aren’t going to be going to the same point every time, and once an objective has been captured, a new one will pop up elsewhere.

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So in essence, this new mode will be like a rapid-fire version of control point. Instead of going back to spawn in between points, players will have to navigate to the newly opened point and claim it. The first team to capture three points wins.

What is Flashpoint in Overwatch 2?

Flashpoint is a permanent Overwatch 2 mode set to release in season six, which begins on Aug. 10. The new game mode will bear similarities to Control Point, but on a larger scale, and it will start with a two-map playlist.

In a June 21 stream, Blizzard devs Aaron Keller and Daniel McGowan spoke about the new mode, sharing images and video of its two new maps, Suravasa and New Junk City.

Every Flashpoint match will start off with teams in opposite spawn locations, and there will be a random point they must head toward to fight for. Just like Control Point, teams must not only win the point, but they also need to build up control of the point which is displayed as a percentage at the top of the screen.

Once a team reaches 100 percent, they will be rewarded a tally toward their total of points captured, and a new random point will unlock for capture. There are five points on each map. In order to win a match of Flashpoint, teams have to win at least three of those five total points.

In a stream on the official Overwatch Twitch channel, Keller noted players will quickly see a difference between Flashpoint and other game modes as they travel from point to point. That’s where the true strategy comes into play.

As teams go to the new objective, they will have to weigh whether or not it is worthwhile to sprint to the new point or perhaps engage their enemies in another team fight, because more often than not, the teams will be traveling parallel to one another.

I imagine, more often than not, the reality of Flashpoint will be somewhere in between though. Teams will likely have the next objective as their main priority, but if they get an opportunity to take a few swings at the enemy or take out a straggler, most people won’t think twice.

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