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Vladimir finally got a visual update after 13 years, but LoL players can’t use it 


Image via Riot Games

Vladimir hasn’t received a significant visual update since his initial release in 2010. But despite being ignored in League of Legends, the Crimson Reaper is getting a makeover in Wild Rift with Patch 4.3.

The champion will arrive in the mobile game with an updated splash art and model. In Wild Rift, Vladimir looks more like a young vampire prince with some added details, including a white bow tie, a blue jewel below his neck, and more. In the splash art, the character looks positively dashing, and he doesn’t look bad in-game either.

But besides that, the Wild Rift splash art is pretty much the exact same as the original one. Vladimir’s pose is much the same, he has similar clothes, and even casts the same spell.

Not all players like Vladimir’s new look, though. Image via Riot Games

League players on Reddit shared their opinions about the updated Vladimir look, and not everyone likes it.

“Something about the splash art just feels off,” one player said. “It’s the cringe anime hair and smirk,” another responded.

“The splash has no sense of atmosphere, gets rid of the blood, and looks really awkward in the face,” another player added.

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While the splash art definitely looks fresh thanks to how polished it is, Vladimir doesn’t give off the Crimson Reaper or baron vibes the champion is supposed to have. Instead, he looks like a character who’s just become a vampire and wants to brag about it.

Players who want to try out Vladimir in Wild Rift won’t have to wait much longer because the champion and his updated visuals will join the game on July 18.

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