Viral streaming hit Only Up now has an unbelievable speedrun record of 33 seconds


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Only Up! has taken the streaming world by storm and now players are trying to beat each other’s records, resulting in this incredible 33-second speedrun.

On June 27, a streamer called ShadeYT posted this clip of them reaching the very top of Only Up! In just 33 seconds.

For context, the game is basically a 3D Getting Over It game where the goal is to reach the very top. Ascending to the top can be difficult because there are micro-platforming challenges that result in you falling down if you fail, causing you re-do everything.

Shade used a skip in his speedrun that led him to the top after getting the “almost perfect amount of power.” Looking at the Only Up! Speedrun leaderboard, this run was considered an unrestricted run. This means that the runner used a major glitch to reach the top. ShadeYT took the record from XeLiquid by just six seconds.

Take a peek at the “No Major Glitches” category and you’ll find the fastest someone has cleared the game using skips that aren’t considered glitches is 19 minutes. This feat was claimed by a streamer called Distortion2.

The game has mixed reviews on Steam from players who were frustrated and found the game to be glitchy, but that hasn’t stopped it from being popular on Twitch.

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