VALORANT’s new game mode is the smash hit that the community deserves

The deathmatch mode we’ve been waiting for.

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A lot of buzz surrounded the new Team Deathmatch mode prior to its debut alongside the launch of VALORANT Episode Seven. It appears now that the buzz was warranted, as the team-oriented, ability-driven mode has been overwhelmingly welcomed by the game’s global community.

Before the mode even came out, several creators and pro players expressed their excitement for Team Deathmatch. Sentinels superstar TenZ praised it as a “super fun” warmup alternative to the normal deathmatch experience, given its more “authentic gunfights.” He also liked that it provides a way to warm up with Jett knives, even if it’s somewhat limited given how ultimates work and charge in TDM.

Since the game’s release, other prominent members of the VALORANT professional scene have also spoken highly of the new mode. Former 100T and current Talon Esports player b0i said the mode reminds him of other free-to-play shooters with small team deathmatch maps like Combat Arms and Crossfire, in a positive “nostalgic” way.

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From pro players to content creators to VCT broadcast members, the response has been overwhelmingly positive. A big factor appears to be that the mode can be used universally for all sorts of players. It’s more than suitable for warming up, it’s fun on its own to play casually or competitively, and it’s a great staging ground for newer players to learn about agents and abilities in a quicker, lower-stakes environment than competitive or even unrated matches.

A few familiar faces are really getting into it, almost to a scary level. Members of the NRG VALORANT team, including sixth man and content creator ethos, posted a clip of themselves treating Team Deathmatch like it’s competitive.

With only a three-map rotation, though, it likely won’t be long until players start demanding new maps. Perhaps even players will ask for other game modes as well.

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