VALORANT’s arrival on PS5 and Xbox just took a huge step forward

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Riot Games’ tactical first-person shooter VALORANT is set to arrive on consoles in the future, according to a new job posting by the developer. 

A job post was made on Hitmarker earlier today for a senior game designer to work with Riot on VALORANT. The caveat, however, is that the successful hire will “help bring console game products to market,” the job post reads. 

Around a week ago, Riot posted another job vacancy to hire a game design manager to work on the console version of VALORANT. This posting was a little more specific, though, since it mentioned that this hire would work with the design team to create combat in VALORANT for consoles. Riot is also looking to hire somebody with experience working with FPS titles. 

There is yet to be a release date provided for the game on any major console and little information has been revealed about its development. More information on the console release date will likely arrive either later this year or next year since the job hires suggest development is in the early stages.

Meanwhile, it’s unclear if the game would be exclusive to one console, like Xbox, for example, so other consoles such as the Nintendo Switch or PS5 would be unable to run the title. 

PlayStation players can breathe a sigh of relief, however, since it was leaked that a string was added to the game’s files that referenced a loss of connection to PlayStation Network servers, as revealed by data miner Shiina in February. 

Riot is set to add VALORANT to the mobile market soon, too. A release date is yet to be announced, however. 

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