VALORANT expert finds ‘big brain’ Deadlock barrier lineup that solves bomb entry on Ascent

Dominate Ascent with these lineups.

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Deadlock has just made her debut as VALORANT’S latest agent in the huge Episode Seven update and big-brained players have already started finding ingenious lineups to make the most out of her trap-heavy abilities.

One that’s of particular interest is an Ascent A-Site-focused lineup that uses Deadlock’s barrier ability, which was created by Fire Flux’s VALORANT analyst Vladk0r.

Deadlock’s ‘E’ ability, Barrier Mesh, allows her to throw a generator that deploys shields that stop player movement. With that in mind, vladk0r demonstrated two ways to make the most of the mesh to get onto Ascent’s A-site on Twitter on June 28.

One way is to throw the generator over the site’s wall nearest to the attacker spawn with the aim of it landing in the back-site in between Generator and Hell. This position provides a relatively safe planting area for you or your teammates and can help buy you precious seconds on the bomb countdown while you hold the site.

Vladk0r’s other lineup is to throw the generator so it lands just outside of A Door. This allows you to immediately create a choke point that is easily defensible. With A Door locked down, your teammates are free to guard the other two entrances to this site.

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If you’ve already managed to unlock Deadlock in VALORANT, these lineups may come in handy when you queue up on Ascent. Check them out, and see what other tricks you can find using the latest agent’s abilities.

VALORANT Episode Seven Act One is live now on all servers.

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