VALORANT event in China showcases highly desired feature that will hopefully go global

Players have been asking for this for some time.

Image via Riot Games

During an event in Shanghai today, Riot Games showed off a new feature for VALORANT in its Chinese client many players have been hoping to see added across the globe.

This feature is called “Fearless Moment,” or “无畏时刻. ” It allows players to record match footage within the game client. At the time of writing, Fearless Moment will only be available for the Chinese VALORANT client. Players in other countries will have to wait and see if Riot decides to add this ability to the game globally or not.

Despite being the testing ground for a significant addition to VALORANT, and having a team appear at the recent VCT Masters Tokyo event, the FPS was actually only recently approved to release in China.

The Chinese government’s National Press and Publication Administration released a list of approved video game titles for 2023 on Dec. 27, which included both domestic and foreign titles—like VALORANT.

When the game eventually does launch in China on Wednesday, July 12, it will be available to play and download through the Tencent client. Players accessing VALORANT in this region will also be able to check out the new Fearless Moment video recording tool, which we can only cross our fingers will come to our own clients soon.

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Until then, VALORANT players outside of China will have to make do with checking out the new changes recently released Episode Seven has made to the shooter. These include the introduction of a new Sentinel agent, Deadlock, and the addition of a Team Deathmatch mode.

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