VALORANT Premier players can start on MMR gains & win a gun buddy in final Ignition test

More than pride on the line before launch.

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Before Premier, the seasonal competitive in-game VALORANT tournament system, launches in full in August, players will have one final opportunity to test out all the new features in the soon-to-launch Ignition stage. Unlike the global beta phase, players will not have all their progress erased.

The Ignition stage officially begins on July 11 with a one-week enrollment period, during which players will be able to form teams and enroll in skill divisions based on the combined MMR of the top five players on a team. This time around though, after Ignition ends on August 13, teams along with their match history and Premier MMR will carry over to the official stage one of Premier when it launches later in August.

When players start Premier for the first time, whether that’s during Ignition or when the mode launches in full, their initial MMR will be established by completing ranked placements during any time in their account’s lifetime. While playing in Premier, teams will only play against teams in their skill division, meaning “they are within a consistent range of team MMR thresholds.”

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On top of getting an early start on determining their Premier MMR, players that participate during the Ignition stage will have a chance to become the first earners of the unique Premier gun buddy if they win their division’s playoff bracket. The winners will also receive a unique title, and all players will get a player card for playing at least one match. All players will receive their Premier awards for participating in Ignition on August 13, after the stage ends.

While an official launch date for Premier hasn’t been announced yet, players shouldn’t expect to wait long after the conclusion of Ignition.

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