Twitch streamer erobb loses control of chat after accidentally letting them ban mods

“I didn’t think about this happening.”

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Popular Twitch streamer erobb221 let his chat take over some aspects of his livestream on June 30 and they went as far as temporarily banning a number of the channel moderators.

Erobb enabled a channel point reward that allowed the chat hand a timeout for any user that was following the stream after spending channel points. What he didn’t expect, however, was that the chat would take the utmost advantage of it, banning all of the channel mods for 10 minutes.

“Bro, they actually all got fucking timed out,” erobb said. “I didn’t think about this happening.”

It’s unclear if erobb was trolling or if he really didn’t consider this as a possibility. Based on his reaction, though, he was seemingly unaware of all the power he handed to his chat and that they’d be able to time out the mods.

This wasn’t the only thing that erobb’s chat did during the stream. He also allowed users to turn off his primary monitor for a few seconds and people spammed this option while he was playing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, making erobb drop all the way to the last place. It became so unplayable that the streamer had to turn this option off.

Even though the chat momentarily took over erobb’s stream, it was still worth it for him. The clips went viral on the LivestreamFail subreddit and fans loved erobb’s reactions. “I love it when people come up with creative ways to use channel points,” one user said.

Erobb hasn’t done another stream since then, but he’ll most likely not give as much power to his chat anytime soon.

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