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Twisted Fate TFT Legend Augment nerf confirmed, 13.13 Set 9 hotfix goes live

A 13.13 B-patch isn’t happening.

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A hotfix for Teamfight Tactics Patch 13.13 will slide into live servers on June 28, according to game designer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer, and a nerf to the Twisted Fate Legend Augment Pandora’s Items is coming in Patch 13.14. 

The TFT Set Nine Runeterra Reforged meta will develop for three weeks, starting with the launch of Patch 13.13 on June 28. A hotfix was added to the update, per Mortdog, but there won’t be a 13.13 B-patch. And the lead game designer confirmed there is a nerf coming to the Twisted Fate Legend Augment, Pandora’s Items, on July 19 through Patch 13.14. 

Compared to other TFT Set Nine Legends Augments, the Pandora’s Items Augment has a clear edge over the meta at the time of writing. A nerf to the Legends Augment is planned for Patch 13.14.

“We already have a change in for 13.14 that will nerf TF even further (Silver will grant no component, Gold will give one component, and Prismatic will grant three components), with the goal of making the trade-off tougher,” Mortdog said. “There is going to be a breaking point where it won’t be optimal, and that’s what we’re aiming for.”

Set Nine’s item Locket of the Iron Solari, and the item’s Radiant version, were the focus of the Patch 13.13 hotfix. Both received significant nerfs, dropping the shield duration and value, while Irelia took a hit as well, according to Mortdog. 

Locket of Iron Solari: Shield nerfed from 300/350/400/800 to 180/200/220/240 Locket of Iron Solari: Shield duration nerfed from 15 to four seconds Radiant Locket of Iron Solari: Shield nerfed from 400/450/500/550 to 200/250/300/350 Irelia: Armor and magic resistance bonus nerfed from 40 to 25 Jinx: When casting a spell, Jinx is properly mana-locked

The TFT Set Nine Patch 13.13 hotfix goes live on June 28 while the Pandora’s Items Augment nerf within the Twisted Fate Legend won’t drop until Patch 13.14 on July 19.

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