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This LoL jungler is still useless in solo queue despite Patch 13.13 buffs

More buffs seemingly need to be added.

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One League of Legends junglers received minor buffs in Patch 13.13, which went live on June 28. Still, it wasn’t enough to boost their abysmal win rate.

Lee Sin is one of the two champions who were directly buffed in the latest update. While it’s only been a day since Patch 13.13 went live, so far he’s recorded an awful win rate. Currently, Lee Sin is sitting on a 47.27 percent win rate in all ranks, according to stats site U.GG. This makes him the third-worst jungler in all ranks so far.

Unfortunately for Lee Sin mains, the case doesn’t change in higher rankings. In Platinum+, he has accumulated a 47.97 percent win rate, the sixth-worst in terms of junglers. It doesn’t improve much when picked by more skilled players, with Lee Sin having a 48.36 percent win rate in Master+.

Lee Sin has been in a poor state for months now, with his last direct changes coming in Patch 13.3. Riot Games tried to bring him back to the meta with more buffs in Patch 13.13. In the update, however, the developers only slightly improved his damage on Q, which seemingly wasn’t enough, looking at his results in the solo queue so far.

The second champion to receive direct buffs in Patch 13.13 is Nidalee, who got a slight boost to her movement speed. While it didn’t seem like much, it improved her performance in higher rankings. In Patch 13.12, she recorded a 50.57 percent win rate in Diamond+ ranks, while so far in Patch 13.13, she’s the fourth-best jungler with a 52.23 percent win rate, according to U.GG.

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With that in mind, we could see a spike of Nidalees in pro play once Patch 13.13 goes live in the competitive scene. Lee Sin, though, surely needs some more work before he can return to winning games for both pros and average players.

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