The best controller settings for Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone

There’s a lot to tweak if you want to get deep.

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No matter which platform you choose to play Call of Duty on, having the best controller settings possible is imperative to get an advantage over your enemies.

Players who prefer to play their FPS games on controllers have been blessed with a slew of new options for customization in settings throughout the years. Modern Warfare 2 raises the bar yet again with a ton of ways to form how you play on the sticks.

The controller customization options in MW2 are surprisingly deep, but thankfully, they don’t need much tweaking. If you want to, though, you can really get in the weeds and tweak them to tailor it to your specific playstyle and even what kind of controller you have.

A lot of the controller settings may come down to personal preference. But we have a great baseline of controller settings to try out and slightly tweak to your own usage after just a few matches of MW2 multiplayer, or even Warzone battle royale, since the games play the same.

Here are the best settings for controller players to use in MW2 and Warzone.

Best controller settings for MW2 season 4

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MW2 Controller settings

The base controller settings in MW2 deal with things like button inputs, stick sensitivity, and gameplay behaviors.


Button Layout: Personal preference Flip L1/L2 and R1/R2: Personal preference Stick Layout Preset: Default Controller Vibration: On Trigger Effect: Off


Horizontal Stick Sensitivity: 4 Vertical Stick Sensitivity: 5 ADS Sensitivity Multiplier: 0.90 Sensitivity Multiplier: 1.00 for everything Vertical Aim Axis: Standard for everything


Aim Down Sight Behavior: Hold Automatic Sprint: Off Equipment Behavior: Hold Weapon Mount Activation: ADS + Melee Interact/Reload Behavior: Prioritize Reload Armor Plate Behavior: Apply one

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MW2 Advanced Controller Settings

The advanced settings for controllers are more intensive and really customize the MW2 experience.

Aim Assist

Target Aim Assist: On Aim Assist Type: Default


Aim Response Curve Type: Dynamic ADS Sensitivity Multiplier: 1.00 ADS Sensitivity Transition Timing: Instant Custom Sensitivity Per Zoom: Off Inputs Deadzone: Default for everything

Movement Behaviors

Sprint/Tactical Sprint Behavior: Toggle Auto Move Forward: Off Tactical Sprint Behavior: Double Tap Grounded Mantle: On Automatic Airborne Mantle: Partial Automatic Ground Mantle: Off Invert Slide and Dive Behavior: Standard Plunging Underwater: Movement Parachute Auto-Deploy: On Sprinting Door Bash: On

Combat Behaviors

ADS Stick Swap: Off Backpack Alternate Control: Off ADS Interruption Behavior: Interrupt Weapon Mount Exit Delay: Medium Depleted Ammo Weapon Switch: On Quick C4 Detonation: Off

Vehicle Behaviors

Vehicle Camera Recenter: Short Delay Camera Initial Position: Free Look

Overlays Behaviors

Ping Wheel Delay: Moderate Double Tap Danger Ping Delay: Moderate

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