The Witcher devs debunk Sony acquisition rumors

Nothing’s set in stone yet.

Image via CD Projekt Red

A PR rep for CD Projekt Red stepped forward on May 29 and dismissed a rumor regarding Sony’s acquisition of the Polish video game developer, potentially putting the almost year-long speculation to bed.

Sony’s rumored interest in picking up CD Projekt Red dates back to October 2022 when a Twitter user said the conglomerate had repeatedly approached the company.

CD Projekt Red PR rep Ola Sondej shut down the rumor on May 29, saying “Yah, we’re not in such talks with Sony.”

While Sondej dismissed the rumors, this isn’t a definite answer from CD Projekt Red itself. This statement, however, provides us with a baseline for what the company is thinking and should give us a good indication.

CD Projekt Red is the developer of games such as The Witcher and Cyberpunk: 2077. The Witcher 3 recently sold over 50 million copies while the whole series has sold over 75 million in total. A remake of The Witcher is in development and a DLC for Cyberpunk: 2077 called Phantom Liberty is slated for release this year.

CD Projekt Red also released a strategy update back in 2022 where it teased a glimpse of what the studio is developing. This includes Project Polaris, a beginning to a new Witcher trilogy, and a potential Cyberpunk: 2077 sequel currently named Project Orion.

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