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The Demacia trait in TFT Set 9, explained

The Demacian warriors shine in TFT Set 9.

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With all the new traits joining the Teamfight Tactics scene in Set Nine, there are plenty of new combos to find and learn—and one of them is the Demacia trait, named after one of the regions in League of Legends lore.

Here is a quick rundown of how the Demacia trait works in TFT Set Nine, along with a list of which units have this trait.

How Demacia works in TFT Set 9

The Demacia trait is part of Set Nine’s theme, with all the different regions in League’s lore given their own trait. From Noxus to Shurima, a majority of champions in TFT now represent their region with a trait.

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To activate the Demacia trait, you need at least three Demacians in your active lineup. Like most extensive traits, obtaining more units will give you more benefits, and for Demacia, those come at five, seven, and nine on the field.

The main benefit of the Demacia trait revolves around which Demacia unit of yours is strongest, usually determined by who has the most items equipped or who is the highest-star unit. That unit will be promoted to an Elite and will get a random (but useful) Radiant item every combat round. Plus, that unit and the two beside it, will get a slight armor and magic resist boost. That boost is easily visible, marked by yellow markers on the floor.

At three Demacians, only one unit gets the Elite promotion, item, and boosts. However, at five, a second unit receives the promotion and AoE boosts. At seven Demacians, three units become Elites, and finally at nine units, five of them receive the boost. Values for the armor and magic resist also increase depending on how many Demacians you have.

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One key thing to note with these boosts is that they don’t stack, meaning that overlapping two Elites beside each other won’t give them extra armor and magic resistance.

All Demacia units in TFT Set 9

Here are all the Demacia units in TFT Set Nine:

Kayle (Demacia/Slayer) Poppy (Yordle/Demacia/Bastion) Galio (Demacia/Invoker) Garen (Demacia/Juggernaut) Sona (Demacia/Multicaster) Jarvan IV (Demacia/Strategist) Lux (Demacia/Sorcerer)

Players might wonder how you can get nine Demacians when there are only seven available in the store. To obtain nine Demacians, players will need to look into Emblems, which you can give to other units to give them the extra trait needed. Add that with a potential Augment that gives you an extra Demacian, and you have your nine for the maximum benefit.

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