The Chiefs fight to prove who is the ultimate safe driver in the Bingle Battle grand finale livestreams

Who ultimately changed the game with Bingle?

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After weeks of competition to prove their safe driving skills, we finally got to see the epic conclusion of the Bingle Battle series. Six competitors from The Chiefs, Australia’s top League of Legends team, were challenged by Bingle to shift their gears and drive safely in Crash Team Racing, Rocket League and Gran Turismo 7.

Revisit the players’ safe maneuvers as well as their sweaty near-misses from previous rounds:

Crash Team Racing with Vauxie and Fangetta Rocket League with AlphaAnton and CJCJ Gran Turismo with Cripsy and JackoGFreak

Bingle is known for making car insurance simple and easy to use, but for The Chiefs, this was going to be far from easy. In fact, this was going to be one of the toughest challenges they had faced yet. For the final week, the six challengers were set to battle each other in all three racing games to determine their overall safe driving abilities.

It would not be as easy as one-two-three as they had to change strategy from one game to another knowing the rules had been changed from how they are used to playing it. The winner could really be anyone at any point.

Similar to previous rounds, a demerit points system was in place and the competitor with the lowest overall score was crowned as the Bingle Battle champion.

So, who won the Bingle Battle?

With all six gamers playing at the same time, there were unexpected bumps and clumps (of cars) as they attempted their various strategies to finish first whilst keeping the lowest score possible. In the end, it was Vauxie who rose to the challenge and officially earned the title of the ‘Bingle Battle Champion’.

View all the safe driving thrills and spills of the grand finale in the video below:

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