Taskmaster gets a solo Mojoworld victory in this winning Marvel Snap strategy

One above all.

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In Marvel Snap, some locations give huge advantages that can change the tide of the game in an instant. This includes Mojoworld, which gives plus 100 Power to the player with more cards in that location. But in the case of Reddit user arizmendi_munoz, neither the bonus nor the four cards played by their opponent on the location could match the user’s Taskmaster.

Posted on June 27, the user shared a screenshot of their end-game result, showing how they outmatched a 130-Power total of their opponent on Mojoworld with Taskmaster and Spider-Ham generating a whopping 181 Power, enough to outlast the four-card strategy the opponent did on Mojoworld by themselves.

Best Mojoworld win
by u/arizmendi_munoz in MarvelSnap

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The play was enabled by Taskmaster’s ability to copy the Power of the last card its user played before it, which was Kitty Pryde. The user spammed the latter’s ability to bounce and stack plus two Power on Shuri’s Lab, which doubles all the Power of cards played there. This resulted in Kitty Pryde having 180 Power in turn six, making Taskmaster’s ability a force to be reckoned with, securing the Mojoworld location.

The post garnered over 600 upvotes, with some players praising the user’s braveness for playing Taskmaster and beating the 100-Power advantage that the opponent already got in Mojoworld. This just proves the saying “with great power comes great responsibility,” and the user was responsible enough to properly use their massive Power in the game in a winning fashion.

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