Sage, Deadlock duo discover sneaky Lotus angle to outsmart their VALORANT opponents

Reach new heights with this combo.

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VALORANT is all about having a competitive edge over your opponents, and a new tactic can get you just the advantage you need on Lotus. Apparently, an easy Deadlock-Sage combo can land you free kills on the enemy team if they dare step into the claustrophobic B Site.

On July 4th, a player named Ninjablackberry3 posted a video on Reddit, showcasing how to sneakily peek at a crucial spot on the B Site. With a Sage by her side, Deadlock can peek through the hole on top of A Link and see a section of the B Site entrance, thanks to the height boosts that their barriers can offer. 

New way to view through lotus b window using sage & deadlock
by u/Ninjablackberry3 in VALORANT

To reproduce the trick, Deadlock should stand in the corner beneath the hole, while Sage angles her wall at the same corner—this will help Deadlock reach near the cavity. Now, Deadlock can place her Barrier Mesh under her to boost herself up further, and voila! She can now see through the hole and shoot enemies. 

Use a Phantom or any weapon with a sound suppressor to shoot, and your enemies will have a hard time locating you. Previously, only a Jett could take advantage of the window with her Updraft ability and secure a kill or two using her Bladestorm knives.

Unless this idea becomes a hit, most players won’t expect you to be comfortably stationed up there. Be wary that such things work only a few times before enemies realize and become aware of your position. 

While you can plan to execute the idea if your team happens to have both the sentinels, a comp with Sage and Deadlock on Lotus may not be the best choice in VALORANT’s current meta, and it’s certainly not worth running such a comp just for a utility-heavy trick with an unpredictable outcome. 

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That being said, other players didn’t shy away from calling Ninjablackberry3’s trick a “cool discovery” despite its flaws. It also caused some readers to relate to the popular “Fnatic Manager Here, Please Delete This” meme, which went viral after Fnatic’s CS:GO team used a previously unknown wall boost on the Overpass map to earn a controversial win back in 2014. 

by u/Practical-Abies3853 from discussion New way to view through lotus b window using sage & deadlock

While the Deadlock-Sage boost doesn’t seem to be a bug that Riot Games may remove, it’s definitely a quirky trick that no other agent combo can replicate. Performing it in your competitive games may sound exciting and even get you round-winning kills, but if it’s unsuccessful, you’ll be left with no Barrier Orb or Barrier Mesh for the rest of the round, and both are pretty useful utilities to have in a VALORANT match. 

That being said, if you’re struggling to retake Lotus’ B Site and have the requisites to reach up there, you’re most welcome to try dumfounding your enemies with Deadlock and Sage’s sneaky barrier setup.

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