Overwatch 2’s problem child could be getting a rework sooner than we thought

But how much longer do we have to wait?

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Striking a balance with some heroes in Overwatch 2 can be exceptionally difficult for Blizzard’s developers, and a few heroes have historically stood out as especially tough to tune.

With abilities like Hack and Stealth that are among the most frustrating for opponents to play against, Sombra has consistently been a pain point for Blizzard developers, and as the game shifted to OW2 that conflict was exacerbated as the team attempted to strip most crowd control from DPS heroes.

For Sombra, it was difficult to find a way to strip her crowd control completely without destroying her identity leading to numerous balance changes. This led the team to announce plans for a rework, and during an interview today the game’s executive producer Jared Neuss suggested the rework might be closer than fans originally anticipated.

“Sombra is not far away,” he said. “I believe we’re not season six at this point, but it’s shortly thereafter.”

The hero design team hasn’t been shy about it either. In an interview with streamers, lead hero designer Alec Dawson was open about her being the roster’s “problem child” from a design perspective, but those issues are supposed to come to a halt with an upcoming rework that was detailed in the game’s roadmap in May.

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The roadmap listed reworks for both Roadhog and Sombra as coming in “season seven and beyond,” making it unclear how long players would have to wait for changes to the two heroes, but the update to “not far away” is certainly promising for players that want to see Blizzard give Sombra a fresh kit.

Season six starts on Aug. 10, and after that players can expect to see season seven about two months later, likely sometime around Oct. 10, so perhaps that’s when we’ll finally see some Sombra changes.

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