Overwatch 2 players want a PvE mode so bad they’re willing to make it themselves

Is this copium or a viable idea?

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Fans are understandably upset and angry with the sudden announcement on May 16 regarding the overhauls and delays to PvE in Overwatch 2. And some want to take matters into their own hands. 

In a post on the Overwatch subreddit on May 17, one user pointed out there are many talented members in the fandom and that by putting PvE tools into the workshop, they may be able to create a viable PvE experience. Others quickly agreed and began demanding Blizzard listen to the idea and eventually implement it.

Although it may seem a little overboard to some, one of the reasons why many players returned to Overwatch was the promise of a PvE storyline in Overwatch 2. It’s something fans have been begging for, for years.

So, the idea is, if Blizzard can’t create the PvE experience everyone wants, then the community will happily try—they just need the tools. At least then, the aggrieved Overwatch players say, it may actually come to pass.

Seeing as how much the community loves Overwatch, the lore, and the heroes, the PvE may be made with love and care rather than a rushed mode filled with issues.

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But any project like this would still take time and a lot of skill, so it wouldn’t be something that could be whipped up in a flash, and some suggested it may not be a viable venture unless there was a monetary prize awarded for the best efforts.

Even then, some fans are saying this idea of the community coming together to create the PvE mode is the ultimate level of ‘copium.’ They may be right too, because the chances of Blizzard handing over its tools for fans to develop their own PvE is slim to none considering its track record with workshop modes in the past.

But, with no Overwatch PvE on the horizon, we can certainly dream.

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