Overwatch 2 devs are finally fixing of Kiriko’s most annoying bugs

It’s about time.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

After months of Kiriko’s Swift Step bug costing unlucky Overwatch 2 players ranked matches, the Blizzard developers finally believe they’ve finally figured out how to quash it, once and for all. The bug was originally thought to be fixed in April 2023, but despite several attempts to mend the issue, it lingered.

A series of small fixes seemed to improve the situation but ultimately failed to remove it entirely. Speaking to Emongg on Twitch on July 2, producer Jared Neuss shared that a “rewrite of the teleport logic” was the latest step to fixing the issue.

He didn’t give a specific patch release date, but Neuss did claim the wait time wouldn’t be “super long”—meaning we should have a Kiriko fix coming shortly.

The Swift Step bug in question, which first popped up earlier this year, would make one of the support hero’s key abilities useless.

Swift Step usually allows Kiriko to teleport from one place to another, but only when they can find a teammate to jump to. When Kiriko used her Swift Step and the error activated, the bug would instead stop her teleporting. This would mean the teammate in need of healing would remain on low health.

And, even worse, Kiriko would be left exposed and unmoved.

This led to plenty of annoyed Overwatch 2 players, as a key Kiriko ability that separated her from the other support heroes was completely broken.

Whether Blizzard has actually fixed this annoying bug once and for all remains to be seen, but the player base is certainly at its wit’s end about the situation either way. Just recently, some fans actually took to social media to voice their concerns again, with many baffled by how long it’s taken to remove such a gamebreaking bug.

With any luck, this will be the final time Blizzard has to focus on Kiriko’s Swift Step bug. Players have had enough, and odds are, the devs likely have too.

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