Overwatch 2 devs accidentally make Cassidy even more overpowered on one map

His grenade clearly didn’t need another buff.

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Cassidy is still wreaking havoc in Overwatch 2 even after his nerf on June 28, and he’s become even stronger on Paraiso thanks to a grenade glitch.

The hero’s grenades are invisible when he launches them from the platforms on the Hybrid map, as a player demonstrated in a June 29 Reddit post.

We tested this glitch in a custom game and it worked in the same location when aiming roughly in front of the spot.

But we also came across this glitch on several other high platforms. It works when defending the Control point above the first choke area, depending on the angle you use.

Other players reported visual glitches that make them think the grenade explodes just in front of them. But in reality, it still explodes in the location you aim at.

Every other Cassidy grenade is now invisible and flies nowhere (at least on Paraiso)
by u/RedJarl in Overwatch

Cassidy’s invisible grenade gives the hero an unfair advantage, which won’t make Overwatch 2 players happy, especially since the ability is already considered overpowered.

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In June 28’s hotfix, the devs brought an emergency nerf to his Magnetic Grenade by lowering its radius and homing duration.

The same update brought bug fixes to the Paraiso map, which might also have caused this Cassidy glitch in the process.

It’s still unclear when the devs will fix this glitch, but in the meantime, you should be careful when playing against the hitscan hero on this map.

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