One strong Sorcerer build was ‘effectively deleted’ in Diablo 4, and now players want it back

The battle of fire and ice.

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After hitting the endgame in Diablo 4, players have realized the Hydra Sorcerer build was “effectively deleted” prelaunch and still isn’t a viable build option for World Tier Three and higher—a balancing decision they’re now demanding Blizzard roll back.

Before Diablo 4 launched, several nerfs were made to multiple classes. While these have changed how we build our characters, in some cases, these nerfs quite effectively destroyed particular builds, including the Hydra Sorcerer build. This build focuses on the Hydra summon ability, which brought forth a three-headed hydra that now does minimal monster damage and only lasts for around ten seconds—which isn’t enough.

While it’s still quite popular, players find it difficult to play in the endgame.

After switching over to the more meta Sorcerer builds, like Blizzard or Ice Shards, players realize just how hard the Hydra build was nerfed, given the substantial DPS differences and how easy endgame content is with these meta builds.

Although it may be a while before we see any Diablo 4 buffs to the fiery side of the Sorcerer, it would be great if we could get this particular build back somehow, even just for variety. Maybe by allowing Hydras to use our basic attacks but with less damage or an increase in burn damage over time. Even balancing the meta builds and abilities with all the other Sorcerer ones would significantly improve the state of the powerful class.

If you do want to keep playing Sorcerer, there were quite a few buffs to the Sorcerer’s fire abilities in Patch 4 1.0.3, specifically Firebolt and Fireball. Or, if you really want to win, Lightning and Ice builds are your best bets.

Unfortunately, like most modern titles, Diablo 4 has fallen into a classic trap where only the meta builds survive, and now players want changes.

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