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One of the most banned LoL champs in Patch 13.13 actually has a terrible win rate

You can save your ban for a different champion.

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League of Legends Patch 13.13 just released on June 28, and while we’re all figuring out how to live without Statick Shiv’s incredible wave clear, one of the most banned champions this patch has a terrible win rate.

Currently, the most banned League champion is none other than LeBlanc. According to the League stats site, U.GG, LeBlanc is currently banned in 30.6 percent of games but only holds a 48.22 win rate in Platinum+ games. 

During Patch 13.12, one of the most popular picks in solo queue was LeBlanc, largely because her favorite item was Statik Shiv and she proudly held a win rate of over 50 percent while being banned in 28 percent of the games. With the combination of Fleet Footwork and Statik Shiv, LeBlanc was simply terrorizing the players in solo queue desperately trying to reach their rank in the final weeks of Season 13 split one. The main reason why this combination was so broken during Patch 13.12 is because she had incredible wave clear and trades, without losing any burst damage and potential. 

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Scared to let LeBlanc slide in their games and snag the win right in front of them, the players have been massively banning her without even knowing she’s not remotely dangerous right now as she was the patch before. 

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During Patch 13.12, the least popular champions were Milio and Neeko, holding 38.7 and 31.6 ban rates in Platinum+ games, respectively. Although they are still hated, I suspect Rek’Sai’s ban rate will soon top LeBlanc’s ban rate because the original queen of the Void has been one of the best junglers in the game for a couple of patches. Besides, her win rate has essentially stayed unchanged coming into Patch 13.13, although Riot Games’ devs shipped the patch with nerfs to her base stats.

So, instead of wasting your precious ban on LeBlanc, I suggest you save it for Rek’Sai, especially if you’re pushing hard in the final weeks of split one. 

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