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One Dota 2 hero’s Bali Major devastation is on track to shake up the entire meta

It’s bad news for those who hate spiders.

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Broodmother has been weaving a web of dominance at the Bali Major in the past week. The maligned Dota 2 hero has already been picked 36 times and racked up an impressive 69.44 percent win rate in those appearances—a far cry from the character’s dismal 44.22 percent win rate in Dota pubs this patch, which is the fourth lowest.

The teams that have taken advantage of her the most in the Group Stage are Quest Esports, Gaimin Gladiators, and PSG.LGD, all of which qualified for the Upper Bracket. Her ability to control the tempo of the game by constantly pushing lanes has been highly effective, and she scales better than ever after being changed to a Universal Hero in Patch 7.33.

While she hasn’t been used to the same effect in pubs due to her unique playstyle and reliance on micro-management, that is changing now players see how good she is.

Those who can play her are already dusting off the cobwebs and wreaking havoc in pubs in the middle of the Dota 2 season. Her win-rate is on the rise, especially in Divine and Immortal where it has already hit 51 percent.

The optimal build starts with Tangos, a Circlet, and a trio of Iron Branches, which are then crafted into a Magic Wand. This is followed by a Wraith Band, Soul Ring, and Boots of Speed, which are upgraded into Power Treads. Next up is Echo Sabre and Diadem, which are used to make a Harpoon, and Yasha, which is used to make a Manta Style. The build is rounded off with a Black King Bar, Nullifier, and Eye of Skadi. Players have also picked up Aghanim’s Shard, Linken’s Sphere, Sange and Yasha, or Scythe of Vyse, among other items depending on the situation.

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As the Bali Major Playoffs kick off on July 5, all eyes will be on Broodmother to see whether her success at the event continues and what that could mean for the meta moving forward. It’s been peaceful without her causing chaos, but it seems like it’s only a matter of time before she becomes one of the most-picked heroes.

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