Omen players find high-flying glitch in VALORANT’s Team Deathmatch mode

It looks like Riot has some work to do.

Image via Riot Games

Since its debut on live servers, Team Deathmatch has been a hit among most VALORANT players who are looking for an easy way to warm up their aim before jumping into the ranked grind. The game mode isn’t perfect though, and some tricky Omen players have quickly proven that by finding a new glitch that sends them into a broken spot near the top of the map.

Popular VALORANT content creator Rem brought eyes to the new bug, which allows Omen to teleport onto a spot atop a building on the TDM-only map, Piazza. He simply aimed his Shrouded Step at the corner of the rooftop, and after a little adjustment was able to find one spot where he could activate the ability.

This bug gives Omen a huge advantage, letting him rain terror over a huge portion of the map from above, allowing him to pick off any unsuspecting enemies. He can still be shot, but it is relatively easy to replicate this bug since he didn’t need to use any other abilities or garner help from teammates to reach this area.

Players have also found similar glitches on other TDM maps like District, which originated from the popular normal mode map, Split. On this map, one player discovered that they could also break the skybox and land on top of the map by using a Sage wall to boost Jett onto an elevated portion of the map. Afterward, she can dash upward and continue past the out-of-bounds barrier to land on an invisible ceiling where she could fire upon her enemies.

In this instance, players would have to find the right time for Jett to jump onto the box while Sage boosts her up, all without being seen by enemy players. It is much harder to replicate this in an actual game since she’s most likely going to be taken down before she can even get up to the glitched spot.

With this new Omen glitch, however, he doesn’t need any other assistance and is also hidden from opposing players as he tries to find the right place to teleport.

If you’ve now found a new reason to fear Omen players on Piazza, don’t worry for too long. Riot Games’ gameplay tech producer has already acknowledged the bug on social media, which should be a good sign in terms of an incoming fix. Whether it’s a hotfix or in the next patch, the developers should be hopping into action to squash this bug very soon.

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