Nuke exploit can turn CS2 players invincible, but it comes at a high price


Image via Valve

A CS2 glitch round-ending glitch has made its way onto one of its newest maps, and it’s actually closely tied to a classic Counter-Strike meme. If you close the squeaky door on yourself at Nuke’s A site today, you’ll become invincible.

There’s a drawback; you’ll have to remain between the door and the jamb to stay invincible (evoking that oh-so-classic CS video), but for the lack of movement you’re ramping up your chances to net some very easy kills. Your vision will be limited by the door, as shown by streamer AustinCSGO, but it’s not too hard to get around.

You’ll be able to escape once you open the door again, but you’ll lose your new bullet-absorbing exploit. It’s not repeatable every single time, but the matches you can squeeze into the exploit spot in become easy wins.

Nuke has multiple doors scattered around the map, primarily on the B bombsite. There are three doors that have an open view of the bombsite, meaning a classic B rush might be the tactic for T players until it’s patched.

Valve has yet to respond to any calls for this to be fixed, so maybe get ready for a new door-focused metagame in CS2 until they roll out an update.

It’s not all doom and gloom though, with the rise of this glitch bringing a wave of nostalgic memories for older Counter-Strike fans too. It may not be exactly the same, but the exploit has quickly resurrected discussions around the widely-quoted “door stuck” video from 15 years ago, which we think no one will complain about.

Since CS2 is still in beta form, it’s no surprise to see more and more bugs descend into the Source 2 update’s maps as time rolls on. Just recently, bugged players could rain fire from the skybox on Mirage, as well as sink into the floor on A site.

Now that Nuke and Office have arrived, it’s their turn to suffer all the same hilarious glitches and bugs Valve has been stamping out.

As mentioned earlier, the CS2 devs have not yet addressed this error.

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