Now the honeymoon period is over, Diablo 4’s biggest problem is rising to the surface

Players have complained about it since launch.

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As the dust settles a month after Diablo 4’s hugely successful launch, players are voicing their concerns over its lack of any major social features, which they claim has been making for a lonely experience. It was a major talking point on Reddit over the weekend and is gaining traction within the community.

The player who kicked off the conversation on July 1 complained about the lack of group and guild finding features, saying they’ve failed to find a single group despite being level 85 due to the lack of such features.

And, they added, nobody seems to type in chat channels either.

Another player echoed these sentiments, describing the game as “super lonely.” They pointed out that while the game was marketed as having a strong online multiplayer aspect, it hardly lives up to those claims. “At most, I see some people standing in town, or maybe one other person shows up to an open-world event,” the player noted. “But there’s no way to meaningfully interact or communicate besides doing an emote or something.”

Thousands chimed into the discussion and most agreed, sharing their own experiences and frustrations. One even went as far as describing the existing system as “fucking horrible,” while another said a company that has developed as many MMOs as Blizzard shouldn’t be “failing this hard” at social aspects.

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These posts highlight a growing concern in the Diablo 4 community. The Diablo series has always revolved around cooperative gameplay, with players teaming up to take on its toughest challenges. The latest iteration seems to be falling short of the mark, causing players to feel isolated in a game that was marketed as a social release.

Blizzard has not responded to these concerns, but there’s a good chance they will. There is a developer update livestream inked in for July 6 in which a number of upcoming quality-of-life updates will be revealed.

It also includes a live question and answer session at the end, so frustrated players can ask them about the issue if they don’t touch on it during the stream.

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