New Inferno has leaked, and it’s the most impressive CS2 map yet

Inferno is the most beautiful CS2 map yet.

Image via Valve

CS2 hasn’t been rich on maps in its beta infancy, but reliable leaks have suggested that Inferno is ready to become the next map to be added to the game. The leak includes several screenshots, and it might just be the most impressive-looking CS2 map yet.

The new Inferno was leaked by Twitter user PDylan, who quickly gathered the attention of CS2 fans with the screenshots he shared. PDylan posted four pictures that show how gorgeous Inferno will look in the new engine, revealing both bomb sites, inside the church, and the unnamed area just outside of T spawn.

Everyone has noticed that Counter-Strike 2 maps are generally brighter than their CS:GO versions and that’s factual for Inferno too. Whether it works on every map can be argued, but it definitely does wonders for Inferno. The map looks so much more lively and detailed that it’s near impossible not to be in awe of what you’re seeing.

Church is easily the most impressive part of the map visually, mostly because it’s an actual church now. No longer will there be confusion around the correct callout. The construction is finally done and the wait was absolutely worth it.

Church in Counter-Strike 2

Church is the obvious one, given how its interior has been completely reconstructed, but it’s the bomb sites that are of most interest gameplay-wise. The graveyard is once again going under the knife, with the wall that stood in front of the stairs now gone. Players will no longer be able to hide behind it, waiting to jump out on unsuspecting attackers.

A Bomb site in Counter-Strike 2

B site also looks different, with the barrels and canisters that sat around the site now replaced by wood and scaffolding. This could completely change how the site is played, as attacking players may now be able to shoot through these wooden structures to take down opponents hiding behind them.

B site in Counter-Strike 2

Perhaps the most exciting part of all this is that it’s as close to being confirmed as a leak could be. The official CS2 Twitter account replied to PDylan’s tweet, showing their surprise at the map being public.

Inferno is clearly undergoing huge changes, and Valve’s plans for Inferno are far from a simple visual upgrade. The leaked screenshots show changes that will force teams and players to adapt their Counter-Strike 2 gameplay in notable ways if they are released in this state.

Change is coming to Inferno, that much is guaranteed. It certainly looks amazing, but we’ll have to wait for the community’s verdict on the newest CS2 map when it does actually release. Until then, we have these beautiful screenshots to gaze at.

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