Nadeshot wants 100 Thieves to have a CS2 team, but one major issue is stopping them

Nadeshot wants 100 Thieves in CS2, but it probably won’t happen, for now.

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CS:GO roster mania is in full swing, and it’s more exciting than ever before, in large part because it’s the last of its kind. CS2 is, by all accounts, right around the corner. That’s an obvious cue for existing rosters to reshuffle, and for inactive organizations to dive back into the Counter-Strike pool. One such inactive org is 100 Thieves. Founder and CEO Nadeshot made it clear 100T is absolutely looking into forming a CS2 team, but that it’s unlikely that happens anytime soon due to one major issue.

Nadeshot sat for a lengthy podcast that was published on 100 Thieves’ official YouTube channel, where he spoke on the company’s current and future operations.

The brief version, as Nadeshot put it, “it’s just the economy, man.” Although 100T’s business “looks very healthy right now”, Nadeshot still stands firm that his organization needs to be “smarter” about how it spends. He states that finding the right talent for the right price is “a lot harder than it actually looks,” as everyone wants the biggest names in the game, but it’s easier said than done.

By the look of things, despite Nadeshot’s best intentions, 100 Thieves simply cannot afford to join CS2, at least at the game’s launch. The silver lining is that there’s obviously interest on 100T’s side, they just need “the right time and the right opportunity” to come.

100T first tried its hand at CS:GO esports by signing the Australian roster of Renegades in 2019. That squad reached the final of the very first LAN event they attended as 100 Thieves, but never came close to replicating that success afterwards, which resulted in disbandment just under a year later.

Nadeshot and co. have kept their toes out of Counter-Strike waters since then, and it doesn’t sound like the release of CS2 is going to make an immediate impact in that regard. The same cannot be said about TSM, with recent reports they are deep into the process of returning right on time for CS2.

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