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NRG officially acquires CLG, rejoins the LCS

An end of an era, but faith never dies.

Photo by Colin Young-Wolff via Riot Games

After building a decade-long legacy within the industry, one of the most iconic esports organizations of all time has said its final goodbyes to competitive League of Legends.

NRG officially confirmed today that it will be acquiring CLG and taking over the org’s LCS slot for the foreseeable future. CEO Andy Miller said NRG will be keeping as much of CLG’s current League infrastructure as it can, including the main roster, Academy squads, coaches, and analysts.

Miller also confirmed that the Madison Square Garden Corporation will become a major shareholder in NRG Esports, while the team will be switching over the brand from CLG to NRG whenever Riot gives the go-ahead.

As one of the oldest active organizations in League esports, the CLG brand will be leaving behind a storied legacy with some of the most memorable moments for longtime fans of the scene.

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From their first LCS championship back in 2015, their unforgettable run at the 2016 Mid-Season Invitational, or their recent rise back to popularity, CLG’s League team has gone through so many different peaks and valleys over the last 13 years. Just this year alone, CLG bounced back and became a bonafide contender after spending several seasons at the bottom of the regular season standings, but many LCS fans know that it took a ton of hard work and experimentation.

After a string of bottom-two finishes between 2020 and 2021, CLG embraced a new philosophy on roster building, led by the team’s new head Greg Kim and a new general manager for the League division, Jonathon McDaniel.

With less of a focus on import acquisitions and a newfound cornerstone of building from within, the team found slow but consistent success with each passing season. Many LCS fans likely think it’s a good sign to see NRG keeping the entire League division together, especially after all of the blood, sweat, and tears that they’ve shed to get back to this point.

In the end, CLG will always have a place in esports history as one of the first organizations to help put the industry on the map. And now, NRG will look to carve out a new legacy with the opportunity it’s been given.

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