Mortal Kombat troll learns hilarious $10,000 lesson after stupidly taunting SonicFox

Those feathers got plucked faster than the dude could rage quit.

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The fighting game community loves a good bet between competitors, but it is even sweeter when the challenge has a bit of heat behind it. A good rule of thumb for anyone that finds themselves in that situation? Make sure you’re not calling out multi-fighting game world champion SonicFox—especially if the game is Mortal Kombat.

While SonicFox was talking about their upcoming appearance in the PogChamps 5 content creator Chess event, a Twitter and stream troll who jumps around various online communities decided to take a shot at them.

From saying they would “Teabag your goofy ass and send it to Low Tier God,” to insulting the entire furry community, the self-proclaimed ‘Maidenslayer’ dug themselves a hole that SonicFox turned into a chasm with a single response. 

Immediately, the six-time Evo champ called them out, putting $10,000 dollars if the user could defeat them in Mortal Kombat 11. The catch? If Maidenslayer lost the wager match, they would have to become a furry—crafting a fursona and all.

After waffling a bit and spewing some excuses, Maidenslayer accepted the challenge and SonicFox called them out to hop online immediately. SonicFox even fired up his stream just so the entire FGC could enjoy the show, even after the troll tried to bail by saying he couldn’t pay for PlayStation Plus to go online.

There was a bit of joking around on Sonic’s behalf as they teabagged and trolled the clearly outmatched internet random, and chat absolutely loved that the pro player remained completely silent while Maidenslayer raged and complained about every single move into their awful microphone live on-stream.

Once all of the excuses were out of the way, SonicFox proceeded to own them so hard that Maidenslayer became maidenless.

It got even worse when SonicFox ended the stream and ‘slayer came back for seconds—only to get stomped again and again by Sonic choosing to make every round a ditto and playing with their food.

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SonicFox attempted to get the defeated slayer back into a call after their second round of matches, but the sting was apparently too great.

Instead, an eager artist provided a duck fursona for the sore loser that chat quickly dubbed Quackerman before proceeding to create even more and sharing it all over social media—making sure to tag the unresponsive MK challenger every time.

The troll seemingly didn’t learn their lesson either, jumping right back into harassing VTubers and challenging them to competitions that will surely end in more humiliating defeats for Quackerman. Truly maidenless behavior, we must say.

And what did SonicFox do after taking his wins and getting free content? He went back to grinding Chess and joking about how scrubs will never learn their lesson.

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