Mirage out, 2 classic CS:GO maps in as CS2 reshuffles map roster in June update

The old-school maps are here.

Nuke A site on CS2. Screenshot by Dot Esports

CS2’s beta already allowed a collection of gamers to try their hands at Dust 2 and Mirage, and now it’s Nuke and Office’s turn. The multi-leveled maps have taken Mirage’s place in the CS2 beta, meaning players can finally vent-drop on Source 2.

Valve is swapping out Mirage in a huge June 29 update, which is also bringing a wide array of CS2 tweaks. The two classic maps have been around since 1999, and now they’ve been remade for Counter-Strike’s newest engine.

This marks the very first time the big CS2 update has actually had more than one playable map in rotation since the beta experience went live in late March.

This second round of CS2 beta access blessed gamers with the possibility of testing out Mirage on the Source 2 engine, for a time. This endeavor proved to be fairly necessary as countless glitches and bugs were soon found that were impacting gameplay.

In particular, CS2 players found they could rain fire from above as they walked along the skybox on Mirage, and sink into the depths of the A-site by glitching into the floor too. Bugs like these sent Valve into overdrive, leading to six different updates throughout the June 6 to June 20 period, and now they’ve pulled Mirage for more work.

While the two new maps replacing Mirage are an exciting development, only a small slice of the Counter-Strike community can actually enjoy them right now. Valve did just expand the beta somewhat, but more than 95 percent of players are still locked out.

So, for the time being, those with access can enjoy themselves on the updated Office and Nuke battlefields, while others are going to have to watch through the windows and hope their ticket comes up soon.

Also in the June 29 update, CS2 players can now have a more relaxed time in the testing servers thanks to the arrival of a long-awaited casual mode.

Several big bugs have also been quashed in the Thursday patch.

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