Marvel Snap’s newest season pass card will bring back the dead

Death is just the beginning in July’s season.

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The calendar has turned over to July and everything is getting hotter, including Marvel Snap, in its new Rise of the Phoenix season.

Five new cards will be joining the game this season, and the first one is already available as part of the season pass. This season definitely has a focus on mutants, but there’s one big overarching theme to make things as hot as possible.

And it just doesn’t get any hotter than the season pass card, temperature-wise, as it’s an “immortal, indestructible, and mutable manifestation of the prime universal force of life,” according to Marvel’s Fandom Wiki.

Marvel Snap new Series 5 card: Phoenix Force

Rise from the ashes. Image via Nuverse

Card stats: 5 Cost, 6 Power Card text: On Reveal: Revive one of your destroyed cards and merge with it. That card can move each turn.

Phoenix Force accentuates both the Move and Destroy archetypes, meaning it can find its way into both styles of decks, but also may give birth to a new kind of hybrid deck altogether as well.

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Bringing back a destroyed card will allow Phoenix Force to use a powerful On Reveal ability, and the combinations between the game’s powerful six-cost cards makes for some very fun potential Phoenix Force plays.

But perhaps the biggest strength of Phoenix Force is its ability to move on turn six, allowing for massive power plays on the final turn of the game. Or, combined with Magik, Phoenix Force gives you two full turns to move the high-power card wherever it pleases.

The Rise of the Phoenix Season offers a good amount of variety in card play, too. While Phoenix Force is clearly built for certain deck types, the other four cards coming this season differ from each other quite a bit, unlike last season’s Move-centric releases.

For example, Jean Grey is an Ongoing card that forces both players to play their first card at her location, Echo removes Ongoing abilities, Legion will replace other locations with the one it’s played at, and Mirage copies the opponent’s lowest-cost card into their hand with plus-two power.

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Marvel Snap’s Rise of the Phoenix season is live now and will run through the beginning of August, with the final seasonal card joining the game on July 31 before another new season begins.

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