Marvel Snap player generates the most energy seen in a single turn

This is impressive.

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Like most card games, you will need to spend resources in order to play cards in a single turn. In Marvel Snap, you use energy which can be limited per turn, but also progresses as the game becomes longer.

The standard amount of energy players can use in Marvel Snap varies depending on which turn it is. For example, you will only have one energy on turn one, then two on turn two. This progresses until turn six where you will have six energy. But in Reddit user quontempation’s case, generating 28 energy in a single turn is apparently possible.

As seen on their post on June 25, they were able to generate an eye-watering 28 energy on turn four. This may seem impossible at first glance, but the user had the tools and luck to pull off this massive combo—all thanks to Wong, Psylocke, Snowguard, Odin, and the Project Pegasus location.

The massive energy-generating scenario took place the turn after Project Pegasus was revealed. This location gives plus five energy to each player which paved the way for the user to play Wong, Psylocke, and Snowguard all in the same turn.

I don’t even know what I would do with 28 energy
by u/quontemplation in MarvelSnap

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Wong triggers all On Reveal effects that will be activated at the same location where it is placed twice. This was followed by Psylocke, who gives plus one energy during the next turn, and Snowguard, whose Bear transformation triggers the effect of the location where you played her, activating Project Pegasus’ effect two more times.

The play capped off with Odin, who then re-activated the On Reveal effects of both Psylocke and Snowguard. This chain of play resulted in generating 28 energy in a single turn which might be the most energy created in a single turn in Marvel Snap.

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