MTG Commander Masters release dates, preorder prices, and spoiler dates

The MTG Commander format gets its own Masters’s set.

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The Commander Masters set is packed full of Magic: The Gathering reprints. It includes Draft, set, and collector booster packs, along with four preconstructed Commander decks that contain 10 new cards in each Precon.

Commander players are getting a slew of new cards throughout the summer and fall of 2023. The first drop came through Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth, which dropped into local game stores on June 16. As a Universes Beyond set, LTR was Modern-legal set with a heavy focus on the MTG Commander format. Next is Commander Masters, followed by the Standard-legal set Wilds of Eldraine that releases a month later. 

What are the release dates for MTG Commander Masters?

A global launch for the MTG Commander Masters (CMM) set is slated to take place on Aug. 4. But players can test out and start collecting the cards earlier during prerelease events at WPN local game stores that start on July 17.

Commander Masters spoilers: Start July 11 Commander Masters Precon spoilers: July 17 to 20 Commander Masters card gallery: July 21 Commander Masters prerelease store events: July 28 to 30 Commander Masters global launch: Aug. 4

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Commander Masters products and preorder prices

Similar to past Masters sets, all cards in the main set boxes and booster packs are reprints. Only the Commander Precon decks will include new Magic cards. Draft booster boxes are available for prerelease events and collector booster packs contain exclusive foil-etched and textured foil treatments. 

Here are the preorder prices for MTG Commander Masters products so far, according to TCG Player.

Draft booster box: Around $300 Set booster box: Around $376 Collector booster box: Around $230 Eldrazi Unbound Commander Precon: Around $102 Enduring Enchantments Commander Precon: Around $75 Planeswalker Party Commander Precon: Around $70 Sliver Swarm Commander Precon: Around $140 All four Commander Precon decks: Around $325

Where to find all MTG Commander Masters spoilers

The first Commander Masters spoilers will begin dropping on July 11, through the WeeklyMTG stream on Twitch. Individual CMM spoilers will continue through July 14. And cards within the Commander Masters’s four Precon Commander decks will get revealed from July 17 to 20. The July 18 WeeklyMTG stream will also include CMM spoilers.

Here are all the MTG Commander Masters spoilers’ dates, according to WotC.

Commander Masters Precon spoilers

July 17: Commander At Home (Sliver Swarm) July 18: WeeklyMTG (Planeswalker Party) July 19: The Command Zone (Enduring Enchantments) July 20: LoadingReadyRun (Eldrazi Unbound)

July 11 Commander Masters spoilers

@MTGJP Casual Magic CoolStuffInc GoodLuckHighFive LoadingReadyRun Magic: The Gathering Japanese Facebook Making Magic VorthosCast WeeklyMTG Debut

July 12 Commander Masters spoilers

@ds_column @hareruya_Media @TheMaverickGal Adam The Gathering Affinity for Commander AliasV Archidekt Arin Hanson Attack On Cardboard Card Kingdom Cassius Marsh ChinaOA CMDWarroom Digital Braves EDHReccast ElderDemonHighlander Gavin Verhey Geek Culture IGN La Tour de Commandement Le Chroniques du Commander LiBo Magic: The Gathering APAC English Facebook Magic: The Gathering French Twitter Maurice Weber NitpickingNerds Official Magic: The Gathering Discord Press Start Rhea Simone AKira Trimarchi Sr_Dralnu Tabletop Jocks The Commander Tavern The Sun Yahoo

July 13 Commander Masters spoilers

@aishawakatuski @Human_Monk Alia Deschain Beartai BGN Squad Commander Kompass CRM Email Newsletter Commander Rules Committee DailyMTG DefiantNecro Gamersky Gcores Hipsters of the Coast Hunter Pence IGNChina Josephine McAdam Kakitabletop Kevin Westphal Le Pincecrâne Magic: The Gathering Italian Facebook Magic: The Gathering Japanese Facebook Magic: The Gathering TikTok Mostly Casual Commander Moxfield PC Gamer Polygon Prince of BielTan QueerPhyrexia R. Morgan Slade Rebell Son Reuben Bresler Riley Knight Solring Star City Games Tap & Sac TCGplayer/ChannelFireball Vault Games YYS Zac Pauga

July 14 Commander Masters spoilers

@coyoMTG1 @Wizards_magic AfterOffice Andrea Mengucci Block 101 Classroom Cafeteria Commander Cookout Commander’s Herald Corey Baumeister Drinks of Alara Dueller’s Point Duniaku Emmalition GameSpot Good Games Gstone Herumkommandiert Hooked Gamers Kotaku AU Kurohitsuki Laughing Dragon Lyingdi Magic: The Gathering EU Twitter MTG Baron MTGGoldfish MTGso NGA Quest for the Janklord Rubee Plays Sedai 4.5 Shopee TronisBad UnGeek

Product prices and additional details for the MTG Commander Masters set will be updated upon new information getting released by WotC.

Update July 5 11:20am CT: All MTG Commander Masters spoilers dates were added and product preorder prices were adjusted.

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