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LoL players hate one big thing about K’Sante, and fixing it would actually make him meta

“Heroes are born from crisis.”

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While League of Legends players usually like or dislike characters and their entire ability kits, this week has seen fans needle in on one move specifically: K’Sante’s Ntofo Strikes. They think it’s a very poor part of his kit, and think it needs fixing now.

Although we often see K’Sante as one of the most picked top lane champions in professional League, he’s only picked 4.3 percent of the time in ranked matches according to famous stats site U.GG. And that’s not totally surprising either, especially considering the champion wins barely 43.46 percent of games.

As players have suggested, there may be a way to improve this if his Ntofo Strikes (Q) no longer costs mana. Even though it only costs 15 mana, some players believe by making it manaless, K’Sante could trade against other players better.

He does already become manaless when his ultimate, All Out (R), is active, as he can use his abilities without a mana cost during this time. The downside, though, is all the mana buffs he gets from items are lost during his ultimate too.

This leads to the core of K’Sante’s problem: his lack of mana or the cost of his abilities. By using only a few abilities, you’ll blow through your mana very quickly. If you’ve bought mana regeneration items and used your ultimate, you can say goodbye to mana buffs. So, there seems to be no win-win situation for K’Sante.

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Not all hope is lost though. Players had some other suggestions for future K’Sante fixes too, ranging from adding different types of abilities or leaning into his “tank/assassin/bruiser/mage/marksman” hybrid style.

With his poor win rate and players in an uproar, it may be time for Riot to think about changing his kit or directly addressing some issues.

As of writing, Riot has not commented on these K’Sante concerns.

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