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LoL players agree these champs are the scariest one-trick ponies

Is your main on the list?

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One of the first steps you need to take to climb in League of Legends is to narrow down your champion pool to one or two champs. Some players even go a step further and play only a single champ. According to the League community, some one-trick ponies are scarier than others.

In a July 4 Reddit post, players almost unanimously agreed that, by far, the scariest OTP to face is Vladimir.

“I don’t see Vlad enough to ban him, but damn if I don’t regret not banning him every time he’s on the other team. It feels like more of a ticking time bomb than Kassadin/Kayle, he just gets to a point where he can 1v5 and he’s borderline unkillable,” one player said.

Other champions who can scare players out of their wits are Katarina, Irelia, Evelynn, Singed, and Riven.

Although most of these champions by default have unique gameplay, especially Evelynn and Singed, they do have two traits in common—the ability to single-handedly carry the game and a high skill ceiling. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, high skill ceiling typically refers to the fact that the champ in question has a steep learning curve, takes a lot of practice to master, and it has a lot of neat little tricks and combos you need to learn. 

For the most part, I agree with this list, but I would have to add Rengar, Draven, and Twitch because these champions, when played to their fullest potential, can easily take over the entire game and play the enemy like a fiddle. 

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