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LoL players agree on game’s worst ability, but apparently everyone likes it anyway

A fair pick.

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League of Legends players discussed the worst ability in the game on July 3, and a few of them agreed on one of the old-school ones—although surprisingly, they don’t believe it needs fixing.

The discussion took place on Reddit, where the author of the discussion themselves Elise’s Neurotoxin Q ability as their pick, and a number of the top comments agreed. In the end, though, players came to the conclusion that buffing The Spider Queen’s Q would make her unbalanced, therefore it must stay the way it is.

“I feel soooo bad when using this ability. Too bad they can’t buff it because Elise is one of those champs that can be broken both ways with minimal balance effort,” the top comment reads.

In her human form, Elise can use Neurotoxin to fire a targeted toxin at an enemy to deal magic damage, which is also based on the target’s current health. The ability, however, doesn’t hit as hard as it could, since the AP ratio is a poor three percent per 100 AP, yet, it costs a lot of mana (100 at level five).

Elise is one of the old-school champions, being added in 2012. Image via Riot Games

Eventually, with Elise’s mana pool being quite average, and the champion usually not building mana items, the ability often isn’t worth using, since it depletes a major part of her mana.

Still, League players believe it’s a fair trade-off for having a bunch of other damaging abilitieslike her Rappel E abilities, which in the eyes of some is one of the strongest spells. “Rappel is such a broken ability,” one player, who claimed to be an Elise one-trick-pony, wrote.

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Besides, Elise’s Q, other players suggested a bunch of different abilities, like Aphelios’ E, Jarvan IV’s W, Shyvana’s passive, Yorick’s passive, and Akshan’s ultimate, just to name a few from the top suggestions.

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