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LoL fans rejoice as Zeri, Yuumi finally start losing stranglehold in pro play

“They aren’t ready for the ferocious team of… US!”

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League of Legends players are celebrating the demise of two champions, Zeri and Yuumi, after League Patch 13.2 changes have finally begun putting an end to their reign of terror in the Chinese and Korean pro leagues this month.

Yuumi and Zeri received several major nerfs in Patch 13.12 once it hit servers in June, and these changes have been so huge that even the LPL and LCK have seen massive drops in pick rates. Zeri and Yuumi have since only appeared in 4.3 percent of games in the LCK. In the LPL, Zeri has actually disappeared entirely.

With such a drastic drop, it’s hard to believe it only took a few changes to happen. For Yuumi, her Friend Bonus, E attack speed, and her ultimate heal were decreased, and for Zeri, her shield passive was removed, and her Q can’t proc Sheen.

While it may not seem like much, these recent nerfs have made these once-dominant League champions relatively unviable in pro play and ranked games alike.

After 13.12’s arrival, Zeri’s ranked win rate has dropped to 46.68 percent in solo queue, according to League stats site U.GG, regardless of if you build her with on-hit power or ability power focus. Yuumi’s not faring any better either, with a win rate of 45.75 percent even after the new and improved item changes from Patch 13.10.

Yuumi is way out in front in the polls as one of the most hated champions in League and Zeri has constantly been an over-picked meta character since release, so it’s no surprise fans are all too happy to see them tumble down the totem pole.

But, if you main Yuumi or Zeri, it may be time to change things up.

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