Is THE FINALS coming to console?

The FPS console release plans, explained.

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THE FINALS is a first-person shooter developed by Embark Studios that’s currently in its second closed beta. This fast-paced game features massively destructible environments with seemingly tons of weapons to cause damage either to other players or to your surroundings.

In THE FINALS, players will play as one of three classes in teams of three. After loading into a match, they’ll be tasked with locating a randomly generated cash drop and will need to escort the cash drop to another location around the map. Players will face off against two other teams of three, and they’ll have a variety of weapons, abilities, and gadgets at their disposal to complete their goal.

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Given that THE FINALS’ second closed beta only released on June 14, with the full game set to release sometime in 2023, prospective players have had plenty of questions about this new title. As the closed beta is currently only available on PC through Steam at the moment, many have wondered if the developer has any plans to release THE FINALS on either Xbox or PlayStation.

If you’re looking to jump into the competitive action seen in THE FINALS, this is everything we know about its possible console release.

Will THE FINALS release on console?

THE FINALS will release on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S alongside its PC launch. Currently, THE FINALS closed beta is only available on PC through the digital distribution platform Steam. It is unclear if THE FINALS will release on console at the same time as PC versions whenever the full game is finished, but console fans can rest assured knowing a version will be coming for them.

The version of THE FINALS that launches for consoles will likely be identical to what Embark has created for the PC version so far. The only difference between the two versions of THE FINALS will likely be the resolution and frame rate the FPS game can run at, and the possible presence of aim assist like on other console shooters.

There is currently no release date THE FINALS on either console or PC, as the game has only just released its closed beta. The beta will run from Mar. 7 to Mar. 21, giving Embark plenty of time to receive feedback and tighten up the highly anticipated FPS title before its expected release later in the year.

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