How to remake in VALORANT

If a player disconnects at the start of a match, a “remake call” may be triggered.

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You finally load into a competitive VALORANT match after waiting in queue for what seems like forever. After your teammates fought over what agents to pick, you sat on the loading screen for an eternity, slowly realizing someone in the lobby must be playing on a toaster. Sure enough, as soon as you load into the map, one of your teammates is clearly disconnected. So what happens now?

When a teammate disconnects and the match begins with a four vs. five, or when a teammate disconnects within the first round, VALORANT players have the option to end the game and queue for a new one in a similar fashion to games like League of Legends

Introduced in Patch 1.07 in 2020, this option prevents lopsided matches, wasted time, and unfair Ranked Rating loss. 

How to remake in VALORANT, step-by-step

To remake in VALORANT, follow these simple steps:

Open the in-game chat. Enter “/remake” to initiate a remake vote. All players must select “Yes” by pressing F5 for the remake to pass.

If a player disconnects at the start of a match—from the beginning of the buy phase to the end of the first round—a “remake call” may be triggered at the start of the second round by typing /remake into the chat. You can only remake in the second round of a map.

To remake the match and start again from square one, all connected players on the team must agree to remake through a voting system. 

If there are four players remaining in the team, for example, every player has to vote ‘yes’ for the match to be remade. If even just one player votes ‘no’ for whatever reason, the game will advance to the next round. 

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What happens when you remake in VALORANT?

There is virtually no reason not to vote for a remake because it is not the same thing as a forfeit. When you remake, you will lose no RR and also avoid playing through an entire game at a disadvantage. It’s always in your and your team’s best interest to vote ‘yes’ when a remake vote pops up.

The remake vote lasts for the duration of the buy phase in the second round. If the vote is not passed, it will expire, similar to a forfeit vote. Due to the similarities between a forfeit and remake vote, many players who have never seen the remake option might assume it is a forfeit at first.

If the vote is passed and the game is remade, all players who voted will not receive an XP, RR, or MMR loss for the match. The only person punished in a remake scenario is the player who disconnected, who will receive a penalty equivalent to disconnecting from a full match. This penalty helps to prevent queue dodging and time-wasting for everyone involved.

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