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How to get the Wicked Implement Exotic Catalyst in Destiny 2

We still miss when catalysts made Orbs of Power.

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Destiny 2 guardians found another weapon to wield, and this one comes from the hands of Xivu Arath. The new Wicked Implement scout rifle started appearing after week seven of Season of the Deep, but players are still struggling with how to obtain its Exotic catalyst.

After the long Exotic quest to obtain the Wicked Implement Exotic scout rifle, which is hidden within a Deep Dive activity, you’ll have to dive back into the methane oceans of Titan to secure the catalyst for this Exotic. But that’s about all anyone knows so far.

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Here are the likely ways you can find the Wicked Implement Exotic Catalyst in Destiny 2, as well as its presumed effect.

How to unlock the Wicked Implement Exotic Catalyst in Destiny 2

While the process of getting the Wicked Implement scout rifle is clear-cut once you know what to do (and easy to find information about), this weapon’s catalyst is a bit more cryptic. The Collections tab only says it’s “acquired from Deep Dive,” without further explanation. While this could be part of another secret, odds are the catalyst could follow the same steps as a previous quest Exotic.

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“Acquired from Deep Dive” helps narrow it down, but it’s still a bit vague. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Ager’s Scepter made its way to the game as part of a quest in Season of the Lost (season 15), and though guardians had a consistent way to get the weapon itself, its catalyst had a random chance of dropping after completing the seasonal activity, Astral Alignment. If Wicked Implement follows that path, it will presumably have a random chance of dropping at the end of Deep Dives, with higher-level completions likely awarding this as a possible prize.

Destiny 2 players still need more detail on how to obtain the Wicked Implement Catalyst, however, and we haven’t found any reports of the catalyst dropping so far. This means the catalyst is potentially time-gated, and players should keep an eye out for appearances as Season of the Deep goes by, especially after each weekly reset.

What does the Wicked Implement Exotic Catalyst do?

While some weapons like Witherhoard need their catalyst to function properly, this Darkness-infused scout rifle doesn’t seem to fall into that category. The Wicked Implement Exotic Catalyst supposedly overflows your magazine when you pick up a Stasis shard, which brings it closer to a quality-of-life push than an actual game changer (such as Witherhoard’s Auto-Loading Holster and extra handling from its catalyst).

This effect may seem odd on most weapons, but it works particularly well with Wicked Implement. The Exotic’s intrinsic effect, Creeping Attrition, slows targets after landing a few precision hits. Its unique trait, Tithing Harvest, creates a tracking Stasis shard if you land precision kills while Creeping Attrition is active, and lets Stasis shards refill the magazine. The catalyst’s supposed effect would make this effect even better (though we were hoping for something flashier, like Headstone).

This may not mean the catalyst is a waste, though. This can potentially help chain slows and freezes for longer, and you’ll essentially get a modified version of Overflow, which can be handy. It’s not as impactful as we were hoping for and it can’t make Orbs of Power either (due to the changes to accommodate for origin traits), but it’s still handy. Since no one seems to have obtained the catalyst, however, it may be some time until there’s official confirmation of what it does.

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