How to get the Flamebreaker armor set in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Bring all the Rupees you can carry.

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The Flamebreaker armor set from Breath of the Wild has returned in Tears of the Kingdom, protecting Link from dangerous climates yet again. It was one of my favorites, and still is. If you’ve stumbled into a fiery cave in your journeys around Hyrule and are looking for ways to beat the heat, I recommend getting it.

In BOTW, this three-piece armor set comes in handy for traversing Hyrule’s volcanic region, Death Mountain. While this active volcano is a little less active in TOTK, the latest Legend of Zelda game introduces new caves and other underground areas where the air is on fire—quite literally. I learned that the hard way.

The game refers to the temperature in these areas as “Unbearable Heat,” and if Link sets foot in it, not only will he take damage, but any wooden equipment of his, including bows, shields, and weapons, will burn to a crisp. Players who want to venture into these areas without sustaining burns and losing their weapons will need to find a way to protect against the heat. That’s where the Flamebreaker armor set comes in handy.

The Flamebreaker armor set lives up to its name: it breaks flames—well, sort of. It consists of three separate pieces: the Firebreaker Helm, Firebreaker Armor, and Firebreaker Boots.

Anyone wearing this armor can waltz right into these fiery caves without breaking a sweat. It’s been an absolute blessing for me, and it will be for you too. But before you can start suiting up, you need to first find this armor set.

Flamebreaker armor set exact location in TOTK

The Flamebreaker armor set is fairly simple to acquire, but you must first venture into Hyrule’s northern mountains.

To get the full Flamebreaker set, head to Goron City, which is in the northern part of the map as shown below. The armor shop in Goron City located at coordinates 1641, 2404, 0384 sells each item in the three-piece Flamebreaker armor set.

The headpiece is 1,400 Rupees, the boots cost 1,200, and the chest piece—the cheapest—sells for 700. If you want the full set, you’ll need to cough up a whopping 3,300 Rupees.

Screenshot by Dot Esports
Screenshot by Dot Esports

You can also purchase the chest piece from the YunoboCo HQ, which is precisely north of Goron City at coordinates 1641, 2404, 0384. But if you want the boots and the helmet, you’ll need to make your way into the city.

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Luckily for players who want to save their hard-earned cash, we found only the chest piece to be necessary for entering some of the smaller caves around Death Caldera.

For other key areas—like the Minshi Woods Chasm at coordinates 1051, 1667, -0192, which you’ll need to enter before you can gain access to the Lost Woods—you’ll need all three pieces of the Flamebreaker set.

It’s certainly got quite the look. Screenshot by Dot Esports

If you’re planning on heading out to Goron City, start packing your bags for a scenic mountain hike, and make sure you bring all the Rupees you can carry. It’s a steal for the price given how good it is.

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