How to get competitive points in Overwatch 2

The secret to unlocking golden weapons.

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Overwatch 2 is filled with different currencies, and competitive points are one of them. The competitive points can be earned throughout your travels in the Overwatch 2 landscape and are worth keeping a tab on.

The Overwatch devs like to reward gamers for their hard work, and that’s where all these points come from. All you have to do is put the work in.

All types of currency in Overwatch 2

Overwatch Coins are the new base currency. With these coins, players can buy anything in their rotating shop, the battle pass, and select items from the hero gallery. Legacy Credits are a currency only available to players who played the original game and transferred from their Overwatch account to their Overwatch 2 account upon the game’s release. Legacy Credits can only be used to purchase select cosmetics from the original Overwatch game. Overwatch League Tokens are earned by watching the various Overwatch League matches on streaming platforms and can be used to buy professional league skins. Competitive Points are earned by playing and winning competitive matches. Players receive the most points for a win, a few for a draw, and none for a loss. You also will receive more points if your rank is higher. If you see a player with a golden gun, it’s safe to assume they are either a longtime player, very dedicated to competitive play, or are a high rank. But since the game has been around for several years, golden weapons are less exclusive now than they used to be.

How to earn competitive points in Overwatch 2

The tried-and-tested method of earning competitive points in Overwatch 2 is to simply play. Hop into your competitive matches and win.

For those who’ve stayed on Quick Play throughout their entire Overwatch playtime, you’re in for a bit of a surprise. Your usual payload matches will feature another side, meaning you’ll have to stop the enemy from pushing the payload if you’ve already pushed it first.

You won’t be able to leave your matches without a penalty, and if a teammate leaves, you won’t get another player replacing them.

How many competitive points per win do I earn in Overwatch 2?

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To earn competitive points, however, you need to win, or at the very least draw your games. Players earn 25 competitive points per won game and just five per tied game.

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Players also will receive bonus competitive points at the end of each competitive season in Overwatch 2, and the number of bonus points changes depending on your rank. For role queue, you will receive separate bonus points for each role (points for your tank rank, damage rank, and support rank each separately).

At the end of each season, players received a number of competitive points based on what rank they end the season at. Players are rewarded based on the role in which they have the highest current rank. Those ranked Bronze will receive 300 additional points. Players ranked Silver will receive 450 points, Gold 600 points, Platinum 800 points, and Diamond 1,000 points. Masters players will receive 1,250 points, and Grandmasters will get 1,500. There is no separate reward for making it into the Top 500 players in a region.

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Additionally, Blizzard has started to periodically do mini-competitive seasons for game modes that aren’t a permanent competitive fixture, like Mystery Heroes and Deathmatch. Those have their own separate end-of season rewards that are similar, but often slightly less than what you get from doing the standard competitive season. Players can find the exact rewards for a given mini-competitive season by visiting the “Competitive” tab on their “Challenges” page in the game.

Do I receive competitive points from losses in Overwatch 2?

Unfortunately, you won’t be receiving any Overwatch points for your losses. These points can only be acquired after draws and wins.

What can I buy with my competitive points in Overwatch 2?

Doomfist going head-to-head with Winston. Screenshot by Dot Esports.

Competitive points will only get you gold weapons in Overwatch 2. While it might not sound like a lot, you can get a wide variety of different golden features for those classic guns. For instance, B.O.B. will turn gold as well as Ashe’s trusty rifle. Each hero has their golden weapon variant which changes depending on who you pick.

Ana’s sleep dart, Kiriko’s healing ofuda papers, and heaps more get a gold make-over once you fork out the points.

The gold weapons for each hero cost 3,000 competitive credits. This usually takes a while to collect, and caps at 6,000 credits. Once you’ve reached the max, you’ll have to buy yourself a spiffy golden gun.

Players usually spend their competitive credits on gold weapons for the heroes they play the most often. So if a player on your or the enemy team has a gold gun equipped, it might mean the character they are playing is their main.

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