How to eat ice cream cones for Fortnite Summer Escape quests

Easy and yummy.

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Fortnite‘s new Summer Escape event is available from July 4 to 18, and one of the easiest quests you can complete is eating the ice cream cones that were added to the game.

There are five different types of ice cream cones available—regular, spicy, frozen, guzzling, and Lil Whip’s special serve—and they can be found anywhere on Fortnite‘s island. In order to complete Summer Escape’s ice cream cone quest, you’ll need to eat at least five in exchange for 30,000 XP. Easy enough, right?

If you’re having a hard time finding the ice cream cones or figuring out how to consume them, fear no more. Here’s everything you need to complete this Summer Escape quest and move on to the next one.

How to eat Fortnite ice cream cones

When you come across an ice cream cone in Fortnite during the Summer Escape event, all you have to do is press “E” to pick it up and add it to your inventory. After that, simply equip the ice cream like you’re equipping one of your weapons and press the fire button, which is Mouse1 if you haven’t customized the controls. Your character will eat the ice cream and gain its special perk.

It’s easy as it can be. Screenshot by Dot Esports via Bodil40

Where are ice cream cones located in Fortnite?

The ice cream cones are spread anywhere on the island, and their spawn is randomized, meaning we can’t pinpoint their exact location. I found them, however, while walking near Hitches and Ditches—a trailer park close to Frenzy Fields—and at Creeky Compound.

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Fortnite ice cream cone types

There are five different types of ice cream cones, and you’ll get a unique perk after eating them. Here’s every type and perk you can get.

Ice cream cone (common) Restores HP. Spicy ice cream cone (common) Restores HP and increase your movement speed. Frozen ice cream cone (common) Restores HP and makes your character slide faster and longer. Guzzling ice cream cone (uncommon) Restores HP over time. Lil Whip’s special serve (legendary) Has a special slurp effect, restores HP and shields.

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